Unfulfilled Rendezvous

By Udayjot Singh| Senior Correspondent

Procrastinating: To delay doing something that you should do, usually because you do not want to do it. It’s a phenomenon which the entire civilization has fallen prey to. Almost everybody on this planet Earth is a procrastinator, the only difference lies in the type of procrastinator they are. Tim Urban, a blog writer explains the two types of procrastinators. First type would be, people who do not behave rationally when it comes to completing the task assigned to them. Let’s call them situational procrastinators. For example, when a student has to complete an assignment which has to be submitted in ten days, he/she wouldn’t work upon it till the last day and then he/she will be burdened by the kind of work. So what a student does in such a situation is taking an irrational decision of not planning the work properly. So, in this case it was related to a particular situation, now let’s talk about the second type of procrastinators. People who are very well disciplined, who plan each and every task in a way which is rational and even follow their plans. So, the question is how are they procrastinators? Well, here is the answer. The second type of procrastination is much more serious and dangerous because it is not related to particular situations, it is rather related to life at large. Let’s call it chronic procrastination. This particular type is the bigger problem to which everybody has fallen prey to.

Image by Chehneet Kaur, Executive Editor

Where situational procrastinators are very well visible to everybody the chronic procrastinators aren’t. Now, in situational procrastination you had a task assigned, with a deadline. So, if you wouldn’t have completed your task by the deadline, you would have faced consequences. But when it comes to chronic procrastination there is no deadline. For example procrastinating about seeing your family, to initiate a start-up, to start exercising, to write a book or anything else which you want to do but you also think that it can be done later. Sometimes you are right, but usually you aren’t. This becomes a big reason for people being unhappy and regretting about things. You will normally see people complaining like “I could have done that when I was Young” but they didn’t because they were procrastinating about it and the worse part is they didn’t even realise it at that time. This is the reason that this type of procrastination is much more dangerous than the other one. Because, the consequence of not completing an assignment must have been detention for a day but here the consequence would be regret and unhappiness for life. So now it is established that procrastination is dangerous and you need to take a hard look on your lives. Think about all the things that you want to do in your lives, whether it is related to your family, career or anything else. You need to start working upon those things right from this moment. Or maybe you will procrastinate for sometime and then start. The choice is yours.


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