THE MIRACLE-O-LOGY: Why believing in miracles and having expectations isn’t as destructive as we think!

By Chehneet Kaur| Executive Editor

The age bracket of 18-26 entails many highs and lows be it job dissatisfaction, assignment deadlines, breakups, family issues and the list goes in. But, no matter how bad our day goes, every night before signing off we do expect the next day to be better. So, directly or indirectly we all believe in miracles, no matter what we’re experiencing in the present we expect the tables to turn in our future. All of us believe in miracles despite of what our psychological genius indicates. Our heart says “tomorrow should be better”. Why do we tend to expect when we know there’s no hope left? And should we expect?

Image Source: Kang Arts

So, my ideology speaks that yes we should expect miracles to happen because miracle is like magic, what and when you expect the most from it, it doesn’t happen and when you probably just lose hope it pities at you and surprises with something either really hurtful or amusing. You might lose hope for once, but the miracle will happen someday.
As far as the ‘why we expect’ aspect is concerned it is because somewhere at the back of our mind we create imaginary situations that make our heart happy and creates new hopes for positive possibilities which makes us think of the impossible. There is a constant battle between the heart and the mind. The mind creates imaginary happy situations and the brain shuns them with its practical logic.
Now it’s a very common saying to not expect for it leads to disappointments only. I say why not? Why shouldn’t we have hopes on something to flip even till the last minute? Yes if it doesn’t have a favorable outcome in the end, it’ll disappoint us or pinch our ego but that feeling is recoverable. It’s always better to recover your disappointments with more hard work rather than just not believing in miracles and loosing hopes totally. At least that way you’ll be giving your best performance till the last second and who knows, even at the last minute you win. Even if you don’t win your spirit will be known for giving its best and it’ll give you power to work even harder for the next attempt. In 1986, snooker player Joe Johnson arrived at the World Championship as a 150-1 outsider, having never won a match at the Crucible Theater. He went on to beat Steve Davis, the world number one, in the final. Summing up, believing in miracles and having expectations isn’t as destructive as we think. Furthermore, having hopes without hard work is of no use. Always work your best and have faith in miracles.


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